Your server just got visualized.

RemoteOS is a cross-platform application that gives your server a user interface without having to install anything on your server.

  • OKNo more writing tedious and repetitive commands.
  • OKNo additional software installation required.
  • OKAll credentials are stored only on your device.
  • OKFree version available. No credit card required.

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RemoteOS vs Terminal

A picture is worth a thousand words, RemoteOS is worth thousands of commands.

Explorer SS
Explorer allows you to navigate your servers just like navigating your personal computer.
Edit, cut, copy, paste, rename, create, and delete files on the fly!
Docker SS
Take full control of all your docker containers, images, volumes, and networks with a simple intuitive interface
Graph SS
Monitor your CPU, RAM, and processes running on your instances
Proxy SS
SOCKS Proxy Tunnel
Redirect all your traffic through your server. No need to open your VPC's firewall and whitelist your IP address anymore because you can simple access your VPC as if you're on your remote server.
Scripts SS
Write and run scripts on all your servers in parallel.
Services SS
Services Manager
Manage all services running on your server. Start, stop, restart, and check logs for all running services
Run git commands inside any directory.
CloudSync SS
Store and Sync all credentials across multiple devices and share access to servers with your team
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A word on privacy

RemoteOS encrypts and stores your credentials locally on your device.
You can learn more on how your data is stored securely by visiting our privacy policy